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      "Agreed," answered Fred, "and here we goHip! hip! hurrah!"

      After an interesting ride, in which their eyes were in constant use, the boys reached the Temple of Asakusa, which is one of the great points of attraction to a stranger in Tokio. The street which led up to the temple was lined with booths, in which a great variety of things were offered for sale. Nearly all of these things were of a cheap class, and evidently the patrons of the temple were not of the wealthier sort. Toys were numerous, and as our party alighted they saw some children gazing wistfully at[Pg 121] a collection of dolls; Frank and Fred suggested the propriety of making the little people happy by expending something for them. The Doctor gave his approval; so the boys invested a sum equal to about twenty cents of our money, and were astonished at the number of dolls they were able to procure for their outlay. The little Japs were delighted, and danced around in their glee, just as any children might have done in another country. A few paces away some boys were endeavoring to walk on bamboo poles, and evidently they were having a jolly time, to judge by their laughter. Two boys were hanging by their hands from a pole, and endeavoring to turn somersets; while two others were trying to walk on a pole close by them. One of the walkers fell off, and was laughed at by his companions; but he was speedily up again, determined not to give up till he had accomplished his task.

      I cant bear to think of Mr Silverdale not having his rubber of bridge now and then, said Alice. It was such a refreshment to him.

      "One thing more," Mr. Bassett added.

      I dont dictate to you at all, he said. I only remind you of Norahs wishes.Well, weve wasted enough time talking about it all, he said, if thats all the reason Im to hear.

      "And sure," she said, "and I hope that wretched old Feejee won't be in Japan at all, at all, and the horrid haythens won't roast him."

      Doctor Bronson said he was reminded of a story about the viaduct.



      "Doctor Bronson has been there before, hasn't he, father?" said Mary, when the explanation was ended.